Submisson Guidelines for the Sheroes Blog

If you’re interested in submitting a piece for publication here, please read below for more information.

All submissions should be emailed to

Submission criteria

  • We are accepting submissions on any topic you feel would be of interest to the Sheroes community. This blog is intended for an audience of adults and mature teens; it may occasionally contain profanity and sexual content. Posts which may be triggering or which discuss especially sensitive/mature topics will contain a warning. The editorial committee reserves the right to reject submissions with offensive or inappropriate content.
  • There are no set length guidelines; if the editorial committee feels a post is too long or short, we will work with authors to cut it down or expand.
  • We encourage authors to submit images to illustrate their posts, and we also invite Sheroes artists to publish their work as well! Images must be freely available for publication according to copyright law.

Editorial process

  • The editorial committee will correct typos and spelling errors, all other edits must be approved by the author before publication.
  • Authors will receive a reply from the editorial committee within a week of submission. If further edits are necessary, an editor will work one-on-one with the author to make any changes.


  • Authors will retain ownership and rights over their work.
  • By default, authors will be credited by their Sheroes username. If anyone wants to be published under their legal name, let us know in your submission. Anonymous posts will only be accepted at the discretion of the editorial board on a case by case basis.
  • In addition to preferred name, please include a short author bio for us to post. Just a sentence or two with anything you think your new readership ought to know about you! If you have a blog or website, include that and we’ll link to it.
  • Content that has been previously published elsewhere (ie, on a personal blog) may be submitted along with the original publication source. We will give priority to original content but may accept republished posts.
  • Posts which are published on the Sheroes Blog should not be reposted by the author elsewhere for 6 months after the publication date, and then only with a link to the original source. We encourage authors to post links on their own blogs or social media when their posts go live, but not reproduce the content.
  • If we get a large number of submissions, we will set up a queue to space posts out. When this happens, we will let authors know that their post has been queued and an estimate of when to expect publication.