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    Sheroes Central began as a site about about female heroes, "Sheroes", of every age, race, and country.  Here, we discuss women and girls who get out there and do it, role models from our communities and our favorite media who inspire us. 

    Everyone here is encouraged to express opinions, ideas, and feelings regardless of age. Here, your opinions count. Adult, teen, or child, you will be heard with respect. Sheroes Central is a place for us to talk about everything - about sheroes, about history, about books and movies and plays we've been to see and what happened on the bus ride home. We're a community here, where the members care about what's in the newspapers and what happens in the world around them. We're silly and serious, sad and happy all in turn. Be honest, be funny, be sad, be yourselves.

    The site is owned and maintained by Sheroes, Inc., a not for profit corporation incorporated under the laws of New Hampshire. It was acquired on May 3, 2006, from Tamora Pierce, LLC. Sheroes, Inc. and the staff and members of Sheroes Central continue to be grateful to Tammy, Sheroes Central's founder, for her years of guidance and support, as well as to her co-founder, Meggin Cabot.

    Inquiries may be made to Sheroes, Inc. through our email address or by writing to us at P.O. Box 661, Hollis, NH 03049

-The Sheroes, Inc. Board of Directors


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